About Me

Hello! My name is Anne Richardson and I'm a consultant editor, copywriter and social media strategist who is absolutely passionate about food and food writing. I'm also an Instagram obsessive - I just can't stop photographing food and talking to people about it. I've been a journalist and a copywriter for over 16 years, and have worked at Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian and many other high-profile brands and agencies. I decided to specialise in social media strategy seeing as copywriting and tone of voice are so critical to how social media works, and I enjoy all the conversations that happen through it. I love how you can use language and imagery in creative ways to reach different communities and demographics. 

Whether you need a helping hand with your social media output or want your website copy or business plan revamped, I can help. I'm just as comfortable writing for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as I am crafting long-form journalistic articles and blogs. I can help pinpoint the most suitable tone of voice for you to use when communicating with your audience and suggest the best content strategy to be using with your social media plan. I've written about all manner of lifestyle topics - from health to travel, entertainment to dining out and recipes. 

I'm always interested in working with new companies, agencies and brands. Especially any that produce fine organic chocolate and coffee! 
Do get in touch.

Here are some examples of my work:

The Guardian: feature on Southampton
Feature for The Pool on what to drink when you're not drinking

Kodak blog post: part of their 'Kodak Moment' social media campaign

The Honey Hunter: brand awareness Instagram campaign

Huffington Post UK: blog post on God's Own Junkyard

The Guardian feature on mothers discriminated against in the workplace